"If You've Been Learning A Piano Concerto,

And Realise That You Have Nowhere To Play It"
"Then Take Advantage Of This Chance Of A Lifetime And Perform It With A Professional Orchestra This Summer..."

ATTENTION: to all classical piano Lovers

"The Harsh Truth About Being A Pianist"
From Noah Zhou
London, UK
RE: Your Next Big Performance

Dear friend and fellow musician,

We may spend long hours on the daily preparing for the next live performance...  

But when was the last time you actually got to perform with an orchestra?

How would you like to get that opportunity, as soon as this summer?

If that idea sounds at all appealing, then this proposition is ideal for you.
"Why's that?" I hear you ask.

Performing a concerto live is not just one of the most prestigious things a pianist can do... It's also one of the most rewarding and enjoyable experiences one can have! But the harsh reality for aspiring soloists is that performances with orchestra are few and far between, and most can only hope to get such an opportunity through reaching the final stages of competitions. Far from a reliable strategy!

"Well Of Course! Gathering 40+ Musicians To Accompany A Single Person Is No Easy Task!"

Hi there! My name is Noah Zhou, and I'm the co-artistic director of The Piano Concerto Festival. The Piano Concerto Festival is an annual event that exists with the sole purpose of helping classical pianists gain experience in one of the most important collaborative elements that our field has to offer - performing concerto with not just a second piano, but with a professional orchestra.

As a young pianist myself, I've been lucky enough to have experienced such performances on multiple occasions, mostly through the final stages of competitions, but even to this day, I still encounter unexpected issues when playing with orchestra that I never even consider when in the practice room!

All that time ago, when my teacher assigned me my first piano concerto, I eagerly took on the challenge, excited to bring it to concert - and it took MONTHS to learn... But the opportunity to work with an orchestra never materialised. 

I remember thinking, back then...

"I wish orchestras could be just a bit more accessible..."

"We Spend Hours Upon Hours Perfecting Repertoire...
Shouldn't We At Least Afford Ourselves The Chance To Perform It?"

I've got an amazing event for you in The Piano Concerto Festival.

By hiring our own professional orchestra, we make it easy for you to experience your chosen concerto in all its intended glory from the stage.

And just in case you're not too sure about how you're sounding, we also bring a faculty of internationally recognised professors to give you masterclasses and feedback throughout your stay with us.

Send your application in now and rest assured that we'll be working on a grand welcome for your arrival to The Piano Concerto Festival this July!

"The Piano Concerto Festival"

Here's what you'll get if your application is successful:

#1: Concerto Performance Opportunity With A Professional Orchestra - €4,997 Value

#2: Two Hour-Long Masterclasses From An Internationally Recognised Faculty - €297 Value

#3: Chance To Perform In A World Class Venue - €997 Value

#4: Week-Long Stay In A Portuguese Seaside Holiday Resort - €997 Value

It Doesn't Matter Whether You Are A Student, An Amateur, Or A Professional... The Piano Concerto Festival Experience Will Be Of Benefit To You

  • ​​Discover The Thrills Of Working With A Professional Orchestra In A Low Pressure Environment
  • ​Learn To Avoid Ensemble Issues In More Crucial Performances Down The Line 
  • ​Experience Creating A Functional Partnership With An Unfamiliar Conductor
  • ​Perform In A World Class Venue
  • ​Develop Your Playing With Our Accomplished Faculty
  • ​Take Masterclasses With Prospective Future Teachers
  • ​Don't Feel Like Practising? Why Not Take Some Time And Enjoy Our Relaxing Beachside Location!
At This Point You Might Be Asking...

"Where Has This Festival Sprung Up From And Why Is It Worth My Time?"

I represent a team of classical pianists that just want to give back to others that share our passion for performing, and help them realise their full potential.

"How many times have we seen talented pianists playing impeccably in the eliminatory rounds of a competition only to hear an unprepared concerto in the final round?"

These are words from the founder of The Piano Concerto Festival, Steinway Artist Congyu Wang. But whilst his original founding motivation may have been to aid in the development of individuals fitting the above statement, he also realised that playing with orchestra is a rare opportunity that many young pianists crave for. It's an unfortunate fact in the reality we live in that scarcity in such opportunities can often stunt one's growth as a musician.

And so, in response to the harsh nature of competitions, The Piano Concerto Festival was born.

We're now in the lead-up to our THIRD Edition...

And so rest assured, that before extending you this invitation, we've already run this event successfully on two previous occasions! 

WARNING: I can't promise that your application will be successful, because frankly, I don't know you, and members of the faculty are free to accept students at their own discretion. However, if you are invited, I will guarantee you an intense, yet enjoyable week of learning, with plenty of options for relaxation in your downtime. We also look forward to raising the bar already set by our previous editions!

Our mission is to bring a community of classical pianists together based on their shared passion of performing, and to give them chances to perform. 

I warmly invite you to submit your application for The Piano Concerto Festival!
What Are Former Students Saying...

About Our Previous Editions

"You're Just A Few Clicks Away From Your Next Big Performance..."
Send Your Application Today!
Plus, ACT NOW And You'll Get All Of These Bonuses For FREE!
Bonus #1 - The Masterclass Archives
"Review Every Masterclass From The Comfort Of Your Own Home"
Value: €997
Worried that your application will be unsuccessful? Don't want to travel without the chance to perform? Now, videos of all masterclasses will be made available to every applicant, so that even if you don't make it to the Festival, you'll still have your own personal learning resource!

This feature will still be available even in the event of a successful application, so you can return and review your own classes as well as the classes of others whenever you want! 
Get This For FREE When You Apply For The Piano Concerto Festival Today!
Bonus #2 - The Festival-Wide Observer Pass
"Experience The Piano Concerto Festival From The Audience"
Value: €247
Whether your application is successful or not, we won't stop you from coming and experiencing the festival if you're keen to travel!

Get access to every masterclass and concert from the audience and when you're feeling tired drop by the beach for a few hours of pure relaxation! 
Get This For FREE When You Apply For The Piano Concerto Festival Today!
Okay. What Else Could You Do For The Price Of This Application Fee?
You could apply for a competition and hope that you get a chance to perform a concerto in the final stage as one of three or maybe even as many as six lucky finalists...

You could book a one night stay at a hotel in Central London during the off season...


You Could Send Your Application In And Set Yourself Up To Potentially Have The Time Of Your Life This Summer

There is NO Catch!
At this point, you might be thinking, "That sounds great! But there must be a catch... Right?"


There is no catch!

Let me tell you why I am doing this...

Firstly, my company, The Piano Concerto Festival, is still quite new. As such, I want you to have an insane time so that I can add some more positive testimonials to my collection!

And secondly, being a pianist myself, I fully understand how difficult it can be to find concerto performance opportunities. Because of that, I want to help as many people as possible to overcome that barrier. 

All you need to do is register and we'll process your application immediately...

Even if it's 2am in the morning!

Time Is Of The Essence...
Now this offer can't last forever... So don't wait!

Applications are not going to remain open forever... In fact the early registration fee is only going to be around until January 1st - After that it'll go up to €90!

If you want to get the best value for your money, then make sure to apply well in advance for The Piano Concerto Festival, 2023.  

But the great news is, you're fully protected with...
My "You Have To Be Crazy" Guarantee
If you're still on the fence... Then I'm going to eliminate all the risk for you.

If for any reason at all, you apply and have a change of heart within the next 10 days, either because you've realised that you won't be available for the scheduled dates, or simply because you no longer wish to travel... I'll refund your full application fee, whilst even letting you retain access to the aforementioned bonuses in case you find value from them in the future! 

How's that for putting my money where my mouth is?! 
You Must Act Fast!
Here's One Last Recap Of Everything You'll Get today When You Apply For The Piano Concerto Festival, 2023.
YES! Let Me Apply For The Piano Concerto Festival RIGHT NOW For Just €90!
  Application For The Piano Concerto Festival (Value €90)
  Bonus #1: The Masterclass Archives (Value €997)
  Bonus #2: The Festival-Wide Observer Pass (Value €247)
Total Value: €1,334
Today Just €90

This Is Truly A Limited Offer, So Be Sure To Apply Now Before Time Is Up...

If You Miss It... Don't Say I Didn't Warn You!

Okay! And with that said, I wish you the best of luck with your application. I hope to see you in person this summer!

I want to give you this opportunity, because the feeling of performing in front of a full symphony orchestra is truly one of a kind... It's priceless really.

Thanks again,
Noah Zhou
Co-Artistic Director Of The Piano Concerto Festival 

P.S. Did you just skip all the way down here because you wanted to see what the deal was? 😜

You get to apply for the hottest piano event of the year, which is entering into its third edition. We offer you the chance to work on a concerto not only with professors from our faculty but also with a professional orchestra.

I'm also going to give you festival-wide access, even if you're not selected as an active participant. And in case you don't feel like travelling over, I'm going to make every masterclass during the event available for your own casual viewing. And it's only €90... That's it.

Just click the button below to get started!
YES! Let Me Apply For The Piano Concerto Festival RIGHT NOW For Just €90!
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Everything You're Going To Get
  • Application For The Piano Concerto Festival (Value €90)
  • ​Bonus #1: The Masterclass Archives (Value €997)
  • Bonus #2: The Festival-Wide Observer Pass (Value €247)
Total Value: €1,334
Today Just €90

ONE TIME OFFER - Only €37: Want to be notified sooner? For an additional processing fee we can fast track your application so that you'll be able to plan ahead, whatever the outcome. Click YES to jump to the front of the application queue for just €37! (This offer is not available at ANY other time or place.)

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